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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Dragon Rampant with Cameron - 'The Day the Dice Went BAD!!!'

So, with Mrs Geetarhero away for the day visiting a poorly 96 year old Grandma in hospital, Cameron and I were left at home on a rainy day. Great excuse to get the toys out for a game! Now, I don't yet have any archers painted for the Wood Elves so stuck to their High Elf brethren vs Orcs today. I also went for smaller war bands than I usually do - 24pts including fantastical upgrades - normally we do 24 pts of troops/abilities plus 6 - 12 pts of fantastic upgrades. However, Cameron loses interest too quickly with forces that size, so 24 pts (standard size force) actually worked well. The Elf force was the same as Dan Mersey's Vendel minis sample Sea Elf one in the rulebook, so 2 x elite foot; 1 x light foot and one archers with invisibility and sharpshooter. The Orcs had elite cavalry (Grognutz Elf Biter and his boar riders), greater war beast (reduced model troll unit), 2 units of fearful Gobbo light foot, one of which 'hates' Elves , a unit of Orc archers (Cameron's own models I got him off EBAY) and a unit of Orc Boyz as offensive light foot)

We decided on the Sacred Mole of Ukkert with me playing the dastardly Orcs who'd nicked it!

The game was immense fun, characterised by me rolling diabolical dice, both for activation and in combats and Cameron walked away with the game by rolling staggeringly brilliant dice and, to be fair to him, some sound tactical moves once I'd reminded him of some key rules. He really did play well not just win by good dice!

Here are some pics...a few aren't great cos I was in a hurry taking them during the game, but you'll get the idea!!

The Sacred Mole in its large (Lego) chest!!

A very overconfident Orc Warboss!

Prince Arthdan's Elves ready to rescue the Mole...

Early stages...Already failed activations have strung the Orcs out too far...unlike the highly disciplined Elves!

Arthadan tries to tempt Wild Charging Orcs into the trees... Clever lad, that Prince...

Worked like a charm... CHARGE!!!!

Chop, chop...Urk!!! Dead Gobbos...

Elf charge!! Finish the Greenskin scum!!!

Hack, chop, slice... Ground carpeted with dead Gobbos...

This isn't gonna end well...if you have green skin!!!

The Orcs still have the Mole, but their war band has lost the Gobbos and Trolls...deadly Elf archery seeing the latter out of the game!!


Bugger!! That's the Elf dice....

And mine...thrice bugger, feck and damnation!!!!

Phew... A draw!!!

Argh...more Gobbos hacked down in heaps by those Elf princely guards...

The Mole-carriers make a desperate bid for freedom...

Aahh... Oh dear!!

This REALLY isn't going well now!!!

And that's that...only archers left now... The Elves have triumphed!!!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Beware the Wrath of the Trees!!!!

Evening all! Painting of the Wood Elves continues... Here we have a classic 1990s Treeman - a Greater Warbeast in Dragon Rampant. It has been painted in the usual style, but with extra highlights to make it 'pop' in a few places...

Next up.... Some archers... FINALLY!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

More Elves...

Hello and Happy New Year!! I have been busy since Christmas and here are the results... The army is slowly coming along!!!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Season's Greetings!

Well, hello! Just a quick message to wish all of my readers, both regular and occasional, a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

By way of a  small 'gift', here is an update on progress with the Oldhammer/Dragon Rampant Wood Elves I mentioned in my last post.

Here are some armoured 'elite' foot, comprised of late 1980s Citadel Melniboneans. I love these models! The left-handed spearman is a late 1980s Elf champion and the chap on the round base is a conversion of the Citadel Elric of Melnibone 'Dyvim Tvar' (I think that's how you spell it!) model. I always thought it was a horrid model, with a long, pointy fingered left hand and a horridly sculpted head with some odd dragon helm thingy... So anyway, I repositioned the arm, replaced the head (with one from a  spare 1980s Elf cavalry man I got in a big box a few years ago off EBAY) and added a cloak, with greenstuff fur to disguise where that joined the body. I'm quite pleased with him - he looks suitably 'heroic' and can either function as a single-model unit of elite foot or can accompany the 5 Melniboneans to create a unit of elite foot. When playing WFB 4th edition, he'll be a champion in a unit of armoured spearmen. The banner was previously on some other models, but I felt these guys looked more 'elite' so swapped it over! Anyway, you want pictures!! Enjoy!!

Sunday, 4 December 2016


Well, I am pleased to report a gradual return of the painting mojo. No pictures today, but I can report that progress with the Oldhammer/Dragon Rampant 1980s Wood Elves is coming on rapidly! In the past three week, I have base coated and dipped:

12 Scarloc's Archers;
15 armoured Elf Spearmen
2 heroes, 1 of which is a cunning conversion
A classic treeman model

I am in the midst of base coating

12 more Scarloc's archers
The classic 1980s Elf attack chariot.

I have a load more left to base coat, including:

3 mages
12 more archers
12 swordsmen
12 classic unarmoured spearmen
6 Dryads

I also want to get 5 eagles on which I intend to mount some classic 80s Elf knights!! Trouble is, metal eagles cost a bloody fortune!!!!!!

The aim is to get as much of the stuff base coated and dipped as possible, so that I can then focus on highlighting. This is thus far working! I also intend to get cracking on some Elf cavalry, as I started those using the Dallimore technique and need to finish them the same way! This is challenging due to dodgy eyes, but I have done 2 already, plus the general and therefore I need to do 7 more to get a decent Warhammer unit. If I can do 4 more, I have enough for Dragon Rampant.

Anyway, pictures as soon as I have anything fully finished...hopefully at least a few archers before Christmas!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Saga - Aetius and Arthur Coming Late November

I must have been living under a rock or something but it had completely passed me by that the new supplement for Saga, Aetius and Arthur, is coming later this month.

I haven't played Saga for ages, primarily because of playing too many other things, but this new supplement could well see that change as it deals with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and Arthurian Britain, for which I have plenty of models and which, as you all know, is my favourite of favourite wargame periods!!  Several folk at the club also have models for the period and also play Saga, so this could be a winner.

Apparently, there are boards for Late Romans, Romano-British, Early Saxons, Goths, Huns and Picts, with options to create Salian Franks and Eastern Romans by using pre-existing boards. There's also a campaign system and four new scenarios, all of which makes it a bit of a 'must-buy' at Geetarhero Towers!!!

Watch this space later this month!!

In other news, painting has slowed to a crawl or is non-existent. I'm trying to battle on with some Fantasy stuff, but I'm not getting very far. Mojo gone again, I'm afraid and no deadlines left to work to... Gaming has taken a bit of a hit too... Hope to be back on track soon. Thanks for sticking with me.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

War and Conquest 'Age of Warlords 2' day at Peterborough Wargames club

Brilliant day last Sunday at the club! We hosted the second War and Conquest 'Age of Warlords' gaming day, with participants either trying to cause (or prevent) the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the mid 5th Century AD. I had written the lists prior to the same event last year and they had seemed pretty well balanced last time out.

Once again, I took my Patrician Romans. This time, I restructured my force so that it was very elite-cavalry- heavy, fielding my Bucellarii as Huns, supported by foederate German nobles and Hun horse-archers. This was backed up by one unit of Roman pedes and a unit of Germanic foot who had been whipped from the Roman fabricae, so were armoured, and equipped with with heavy thrown weapons. There was an additional unit of Roman sagitarrii and I had 4 personalities - 2 Roman with the bucellarii and 2 Germanic - 1 with the mounted nobles and one with the infantry. This gave me 5 SIPs...very useful they proved too!

Most of the armies present were significantly bigger than mine - players having gone for troops and often big units of them to get more dice in. We had a fair few Patrician Roman armies, several Saxons and a Frank, maybe some Romano-British too...can't quite remember. But each army did have its own 'character', which was nice - no two forces had been composed the same.

Due to one player falling ill on the day, I only got one game in during the afternoon, against George ad his Heptarchy Saxons, so I spent some of the morning downstairs playing some Sci-fi thing by Spartan games (pretty good fun actually, despite the fact I don't really like such games normally) and making tea!

My game was really good fun! It went to the wire! I initially drew the 'kill your opponent's 2 most valuable units' objective. Well, no way my poncy late, late Romans will kill Saxon Gedriht, so I expended a SIP to choose one and went for 'get an unbroken unit into the enemy deployment zone and prevent him doing the same.'

I decided to play aggressively, as George's army was bloody enormous! However, he only had one unit of Gedriht, so that was a bonus! I deployed with all my cavalry on my right flank, intending to refuse the other as long as possible while I smashed his left. I expected him to advance, form shield wall against my cavalry and envelope me on my weak left flank, thereby crushing my plan, but, for whatever reason, he didn't. Seeing my massed large cavalry units, he moved an infantry unit from his right to his left to support it. This was his undoing, as, although his Gedriht mashed my foederate foot like they weren't there, my pedes broke the unit of Geoguth they were facing and, chasing them down, smashed into the flank of the marching reinforcements, breaking them in one turn! While this wa sharpening, my bucellarii, despite flunking two charges, did massive execution in their second combat round to break the Duguth facing them and threaten the flank of the Saxon horse who were valiantly battling my German nobles, the Huns having seen off the skirmishing Saxon cavalry with a volley of arrows and a well-timed charge. In the end though, it all came down to who got strategic advantage in the final turn. If George won that, his Gedriht would have flanked and slaughtered my bucellarii...if I got it, I'd be home and dry. My extra SIPs saved the day here and the game went to me, as my Pedes were firmly settled in George's deployment zone and my cavalry were soon to arrive there, as the Saxon horse were unlikely to last another turn.

This game made me think about the lists. They are generally good, I think, but there may be an argument for slightly increasing the cost of armour for some units - notably those non-noble units who can get them from Roman fabricae, etc, as armour certainly makes a difference (as it should) in combat. I'm going to look again at the lists and possibly submit some suggestions to Rob Broom about that.

Anyway, it was a fun day - everyone seemed to think so and reported it as such, so we must be doing something right! Huge thanks to all who travelled so far to come along, especially Rob who drove from Bristol to be there for 9.00am!

Here are a few pics...

My only game of the day - The Patrician right flank - Huns about to see off the Saxon light horse...

View from the Roman lines...

View from the Saxon lines...

Roman bucellari crash into Saxon duguth...kontos didn't work ever so well in this charge, but luckily the Saxons did no better!

Combat erupts all along the lines

My depleted bucellarii about to finish off the Saxon Duguth...